Breath Freshening/Teeth Cleaning
Crust consists of carrot, mint, and baby oats. Toppings include strawberries, tomatoes, beets, and apple. All of these ingredients aid in keeping your pups breath fresh, and teeth pearly white! Each pizza is made from 12oz. of dough and vacuum sealed for freshness on arrival.

Puperoni Pizza

  • Opening your pizza package!

     To open: you want to open sealed package slowly, lifting it off the pizzas top surface; this will ensure your pizza stays in tact! Due to the freshness of this product, we recommend it be refrigerated and consumed within 15 days of opening package. 

  • Keeping treats fresh!

    Refrigerate our pizzas after opening for maximum freshness; you can store your pizza in its original box in the fridge. Do not keep pizza in air tight packaging in hot temperatures for more than two days (it will fill with natural gas, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow!) Due to our treats organic, fresh, non-preservative properties, we suggest shelf life to be around 15 days.