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We realize, in our busy lives, it is easy forgetting to re-order your pets favorite treats. Here is your chance to have our treats delivered to you once a month without the hassle of you having to remember to place your order and with the benefit of saving some serious coin! Choose how long you would like to have PizzaPups delivered right to you from the list provided. Shipping is included as well as your new discounted price per bag of treats ONLY $12 A MONTH! Each month you will be sent either a bag of treats, a pizza, or an organic cotton bandana. For twelve dollars you'll receive 100% organic and grain free products. Our assorted package every month will be random and may include our monthly specials. You may add a note on the checkout page with any specifications you may have in regards to your new subscription..(such as allergies, our treat flavors you would like to skip or treat flavors you would like more of) Subscription boxes will ship on the 2nd of every month.

Pup Club Subscription

  • Keeping Treats Fresh

    We recommend refrigerating our treats for maximum freshness. Due to our treats organic, fresh, non-preservative properties, we suggest shelf life to be between 15-25 days.

  • Coupons & Refunds

    Coupons are not accepted at checkout in regards to the subscription option.  No refunds are to be made once your first months subscription box has shipped. 

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