To help relax your dog and their anxiety, we use chamomile flowers, ginger, caraway seed and plain low fat yogurt. Perfect for a before bedtime snack! One of the most useful purposes of chamomile is to calm the digestive system. In cases of indigestion, vomiting and gas, chamomile’s carminative properties can help soothe a nervous stomach.Chamomile is also useful when it comes to worms. Ginger is cancer fighting, and relieves nausea. Because chamomile has such a distinctive smell, dogs may be reluctant to eat in one bite, you can work this super beneficial treat broken into pieces into their meals during the day! 

Peaceful Pups

  • Keeping treats fresh!

    We recommend refrigerating our treats for maximum freshness. Due to our treats organic, fresh, non-preservative properties, we suggest shelf life to be between 15-25 days.